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Fetching the shopping on my bike (with trailer) on my local cycle track.

Introducing myself…

Hi, I’m Tracy, I’m a civil engineer and a mum of two teenage boys. I’m also a Christian and very concerned about the environment. Some people feel unsure to whether these things can actually go together, after all isn’t it odd to be ‘green’ and a Christian? I say emphatically no, it isn’t odd, I believe God is concerned about the environment too and I’m hoping to explore this a lot more in my blog.

When I first started working as a graduate civil engineer, I worked in a busy highway design department in South Wales in the UK. We were designing bypasses and road improvements / widening schemes. After a few years working there, an influential report came out, confirming that building and widening roads creates new traffic (The SACTRA report 1994). In other words, we can’t build our way out of our congestion problems. A few years later, after gaining my chartership status, I decided to leave that discipline. I spent another five years designing repairs for subsidence damaged houses, before getting a job designing pedestrian and cyclist facilities in Somerset in the UK, a much more satisfying career!

I’m hoping to write more on these subjects, and tips for a greener lifestyle, so please subscribe below to be notified when I post new updates.

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