The Re-Use Database

The sustainability community is incredibly resourceful when it comes to ideas for reusing things to cut down on our environmental footprint. This is an opportunity for us to share those ideas with each other. I’ve made a simple database of ideas for reusing everyday household items that we would otherwise throw away and would love you to add a few ideas if you can.

If you’ve visited before then

View the database here

please use these shortcuts

Enter a new item here

If not, please read instructions below.

Can you Help? This is a simple concept that is getting a lot of interest and I’d love to improve it. If you have the skills, ideas and a bit of time to help me improve it, please email me on Thank you!

A reuse idea. An old tablecloth made into reusable gift pouches with reused ribbons for a drawstring closure.
An old table cloth made into reusable Gift Pouches

View the Re-Use Database

Please click here to view the Reuse Database list. (If you would like to add an idea, please add via the form link below).

This link will open a google sheets page where you will see a list of ideas.

Ideas for using the database:

  • Use the filters (3 line triangle on each column title) to sort a column in alphabetical order. eg sort main material alphabetically and scroll down to find reuse ideas for fabric.
  • Use the filters to filter categories: eg under item category click clear to clear all categories and then select ‘garden’ to view all ideas for using in the garden.
  • Turn off filters in the tool bar – right hand side – the symbol looks like a funnel.
  • Press Ctrl+F to search for keywords on the current sheet.
  • At the bottom of the sheet there are two tabs. One tab for reuse and repurposing of items, and a second sheet for reusables. Click on the tabs to switch between the two.
An Ice Cream tub and toilet roll tubes repurposed as a wire organiser (for USB wires etc).
An Ice Cream tub (or shoe box) and toilet roll tubes or small pots make a good wire organiser

Please Note: This is a fairly new site so I’d love to hear your feedback of your experience of using the database to help me improve it. (There is a space on the form, via the link below, if you enter a new re-use idea, to give feedback, or please use the contact info at the end of this page).

Add an Idea to the Re-Use Database

Please click here to add an idea to the Reuse Database.

Please feel free to share ideas with us. We are not collecting any personal information. There is space to credit your blog if you give more details or instructions there, but please no sales websites. Each idea will be moderated before being added to the main database so please don’t worry if it doesn’t appear straight away.

Any comments?

If you have any comments, or if you have the tech skills to help me improve this database then please email me at or on Twitter at @FaiththegreenW1.

An old steamer base with wobbly handles makes a good dog bowl.
An Old Steamer base makes a good dog bowl.

Thank you for your help!

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