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Welcome to Faith The Green Way

I am passionate about looking after our created world.

I believe in a loving God who created this world for us and put us here to live in harmony with His creation and each other.

The Re-Use Database

The re-use database is a resource for us to collect ideas for reusing or re-purposing everyday household items, or finding reusables. Whether you don’t know where to start or have lots of ideas already please have a look!

Can you step up for our Planet?

Most people now recycle, but that’s really just the first step, what else can we do for the planet? 5 steps and lots of ideas to inspire you. Take a look here!

The 3 R’s of the Bible … and more.

We’ve heard of the 3 R’s (the waste version!) Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. But did you know they are in the Bible, here we look at what the Bible has to say about waste.

Green Christian

This is a series of blogs looking at the relationship between Christians and our created world. Is it odd to be a Green Christian? and Are Christian values at odds with Environmental Values?

I also look at the promise of a New Heaven and New Earth in: There is a Planet B! (But there is no excuse to trash this one!)

Roads and the Environment

Here I look at the now well proven phenomenon of Induced Traffic – i.e. that New Roads Create New Traffic and ask what we can do instead of asking for new roads to answer congestion problems.

I also look at many different suggestions for decarbonising our transport network here.

Blogs Page

My blogs page tells of my experience of living as a ‘Green’ Christian. Of times when I have had to trust in God’s provision and at times he has answered my prayers in some lovely ways.

This is my Prayer for our Earth in response to a day of prayer earlier this year.

The Earth is full of your creatures …

you open your hand to feed them.

Psalm 104

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About Me

Tracy is a former Civil Engineer, a Mum to two teenagers and a Christian.

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