Welcome to Faith The Green Way

I am passionate about looking after our created world.

I believe in a loving God who created this world for us and put us here to live in harmony with His creation and each other.

Green Christian

This is a series of blogs looking at the relationship between Christians and our created world. Is it odd to be a Green Christian? and Are Christian values at odds with Environmental Values?

Roads and the Environment

Here I look at the now well proven phenomenon of Induced Traffic – i.e. that New Roads Create New Traffic and ask what we can do instead of asking for new roads to answer congestion problems.

Blogs Page

My blogs page tells of my experience of living as a ‘Green’ Christian. Of times when I have had to trust in God’s provision and at times he has answered my prayers in some lovely ways.

The Earth is full of your creatures …

you open your hand to feed them.

Psalm 104

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About Me

Tracy is a former Civil Engineer, a Mum to two teenagers and a Christian.

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